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How Will Her Soul Rest In Peace?

Supreme court upholds the death penalty of those accused in Nirbhaya’s rape case, the headline that let a lot of people breathe a sigh of relief. Sadly, within a few days, a horrid gang rape in Rohtak, sends shock waves throughout the country again. The list of brutal gang rapes is miserably high (http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/after-nirbhaya-the-rape-cases-that-shook-india/article18404268.ece) and I have written this verse with a hope/plead so as to eliminate this heinous crime completely. I am sure there could be a solution, or am I hoping against hope here? There has to be a way and let us together find that way..

How will her soul rest in peace?

More women face same agony and grief

Highest court upholds death penalty

Other barbarians still propagate cruelty

If death can’t deter a rapist’s mind

What could be done to eradicate such kind?

Sexual desire to be killed by immediate castration

Or cultivating better minds by compulsory education

There has to be an answer, there must be a way

Dare not treat her as an object for pleasure & play

How will her soul rest in peace?

More women face same agony and grief

Just imagine the pain she had to bear

It shakes me with such disgust and fear

We can’t allow her to be in such a plight

We must come forward, we ought to fight

Let’s make this world a safe place to reside

Be it day or night, she does not have to hide

Please tell me there is a way, there must be way

“Do not give birth to girl child”, no mother shall say….

(Image from an article in Indian Express)

Get Married Beta, It Is Already Late

What is the right age for marriage? Who gets to decide it? As soon as we turn 25, the wedding bells are supposed to ring for us…. I have no clue who has set this as a standard age for women to get married (and 30 for men).. But if you are one of those who is well past that stage of life and still unmarried, God save you from all the badgering!!! And that too from people who have no right to interfere in your life. Don’t you want to say to these people, “I am pretty sure you are not my family, Who Are You?” I have written a verse answering all those hounding questions, which we generally avoid or give a polite reply to. Only if we could say it on their face!! 😀

Get married beta, it is already late

Well thank you aunty, I’ll rather wait

But what about your biological clock?

It seems only you can hear the tick tock

Why haven’t you found a match yet?

Because you see, I am par excellence

You must be secretly dating the one

Bingo, I will let you know when I elope

Let your parents have some solace

Did they hire you as their advocate?

You should consider it more earnestly

Ain’t you doing that for me already?

But one needs “that” companion

Oh! you mean for sexual relation?

Would you not get married ever?

I am tired of your questions so “clever”

Get married beta, it is already late

Well thank you aunty, I’ll rather wait….

PS: Aunty here represents anyone and everyone who has ever popped these questions at you…

I will re post what I said in my blog, http://acuriousglance.com/dear-future-husband/– “On behalf of the women in their late 20’s or early 30’s who are not married yet, I would like to say, we choose not to succumb to the pressure of society and marry just anyone but would rather wait for “the one”.  Yes, we are independent, want to succeed in our careers but that does not imply we are against the concept of marriage; we just do not want to settle down with the wrong one. If the right one comes our way, we are more than willing to say, “I do”, but if we have not crossed paths yet, give us more time, the world is too big and human lifespan too long.”

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