Are you in the phase of your life, where nothing seems right? Do you get annoyed real easy and want to snap around..? All I will say is, this time shall definitely pass. Everyone has issues in life, it is just the way we deal with them that differs. Things will change, your time will come, you might have to wait a little longer than you wish…. And I learnt this the hard way, that giving up on Hope/Life is the only option that we DO NOT  have!

You there, do not be so upset

Life will turn around for you

It did for me, it will for thou

I understand the anguish, the pain

I have been there, felt it in person

Cry as much as you want

Let those tears roll down

They are not symbol of weakness

They actually represent endurance

The future may seem gloomy and dark

Good times will arrive with a sudden spark

Certain forces may be inapt and hostile

Your tactics to deal may turn out futile

Let it not baffle you to the extent

That frustration becomes your content

Be good, be patient, let karma be the bitch

Life will untangle, hold on to this hunch

Be crazy or balance your mind and heart

Take risks, keep trying until you last

You there, do not be upset

You might just have to wait

Testing times will not remain

Learn, absorb and be persistent

You there, just do not be upset

Life will turn around for you

It did for me, it will for thou…