“No means a No. No is not a mere word but a statement in itself. It does not matter whether it comes from a friend, girlfriend, sex worker or even your wife. If she says a No, it has no other connotation than a NO.” This is the closing argument given by Amitabh Bachchan, who plays the role of a lawyer in the movie PINK. This post is not a review of the movie but a further advocacy of a strong message rendered in the movie. Now, it was about time that a movie was made on such a strong subject. Why the hell does our society objectify women?

It is so disturbing that a girl’s character is judged based on the clothes she wears. She may wear a dress or a short skirt, party with her male friends and even enjoy a few drinks. How does that portray that she is keen to be physically involved with another man? How on earth does that mean she is okay to have sex with anyone and everyone? If you are someone who thinks she is too liberal and would not be a virgin and thus be available, think again, you moron. Think a hundred times again. The movie rightly propagates that even if a woman has had sexual relationship with someone else, it was her choice, she still has a right to say No to you! She does not feel for you and does not want it with you. It is not that complicated, is it? However, our patriarchal society would continue to judge women and demean them on such grounds.

The movie further mocks the society and discusses the rules that decide the character of a woman. She should not go out in the night; she should not smile and talk to a man; she should definitely not wear short clothes and drink alcohol. All these give men the right to pass derogatory remarks on women. Now, what confuses me is how can these be considered hints to establish sexual relationships? I find this confounding to the core and I will tell you why. A liberal woman of today would not need to display hints in such lame ways. If she were interested in a man, she would have the guts to voice it! So until it has her consent, do not put the filthy mind to work, you coward. In simple words:

No, because it’s her choice
No, because she has a voice
No, because it’s her liberty
No, because she is just friendly
No, because she doesn’t like
No, because she has the right
No, because it’s her own body
No, because you are NObody

I also understand that such movies and blogs like mine would not bring about a sudden change in the mindset of the society. But it’s worth a try. The issue is deep rooted and it would take many many years for the transformation. Maybe every mother can teach their sons from a young age the significance of a girl’s No. However, until every man starts to respect the woman and her right to liberty, it saddens me to say, our safety is in our own hands. We have to be careful of the time, place and our company.

PS: A brilliant movie and Amitabh Bachchan proved yet again why is he the greatest actor of all times…