Qandeel Baloch brutally strangled by her brother in Pakistan; a 22 year old Dalit man murdered with machetes in Tamil Nadu, India and two sisters shot by their brother a day before their wedding in Pakistan are a few horrid headlines hitting the press in the recent past. What was common with all these cold-blooded murders? They were all in the name of “Honour”. Killing your own family members and gaining satisfaction out of it is atrocious and immensely condemnable.  How can the justifications to kill on a premise “he/she brought defamation to the family” ever be sane?

A brother strangles his sister to death and shows no remorse. The reason for murder being her views were too liberal for their society and her provocative presence on social media caused dishonour to the family. What an irony, he is a callous murderer, and she is the one who brought ill fame to the family? Whatever she did, it was her choice and you, another mortal, had no bloody right to take her life away.

Then there are cases where love, maybe the most beautiful feeling in the world, becomes lethal.  Is it not said that lucky is the one who loves, and receives that love back from the same person? However, in many parts of India and Pakistan, one could die for being in love, especially if the partner belongs to a different caste. That is what recently happened in Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu. V.Shankar, a Dalit brutally murdered in daylight on a crowded crossing because he dared to love and marry Kausalya from a higher caste. Kausalya was severely injured and Shankar died when attacked with machetes by men hired by Kausalya’s father. Yes, her own father directed their killing, ignoble, is it not? In another despicable incident in Pakistan, Naseer shot down Kosar and Gulzar, his sisters because they chose to marry men of their own choice.

Why am I stressing more on India and Pakistan? Because as per a study, out of approximately 5000 cases of honour killing reported around the world, more than 1000 killings occur in India and Pakistan. These numbers are highly underestimated, as there is no separate section or law to report honour killings. Shocked, are you? In the records of National Crime Bureau (India), no such crime head exists. (You can check for yourself, go to, and click on crimes in 2014.) In 2011, Supreme Court stamped these acts as barbaric and issued directives to state/trial courts to award death penalty to convicts. However, the central government, current or the one in past, has not taken any initiatives to pass a separate bill to recognise this violent crime independently. A few former ministers have been of the opinion that if considered separate from murders, it could be misused. Well in that case, why do we have different heads for any kind of murders?

What is even glummer, many such cases do not even get a fair trial. Do you know why? The family members of those murdered plead for acquittal of convicts. Yes, because they are family to the murderers too. In some rural areas, Panchayats resolve such issues or rather they order such killings.  What an obsolete state of affairs. Stringent laws are required to protect those who love or love beyond caste system, which is sadly still prevalent in many parts. And the perpretators should not be set free.

I do not know what is happening to the world. Why do you kill in the name of God, honour or any other rationale? Why do you kill at all? Who are you to kill? Why is your heart so irascible and dark? Why is there dearth of endearment in you?? Why and Why?