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For The Love Of Travel, Food And Wine.. (contd.)

Continued from last week (http://acuriousglance.com/for-the-love-of-travel-food-and-wine/)

Sydney is scenic, it is crowded in the main city, it is serene in the countryside, it is the food hub and Sydney is pretty cold in winters..


After my last week’s post, you would believe me, when I say Sydney is scenic.. Talking about its winters, well let me sum it up as, I could not stay at Circular Quay for more than 10 minutes. Why? The chilly winds would have blown me over to the ocean. I barely managed a few clicks of the Harbour and the Opera House and rushed back. The city is windier because of the harbours (Sydney and Darling.)


Let me get back to the countryside, breathtaking is the word that comes to my mind to describe the drive along the ponds, stables, orchards, and farmlands.. Along with blues and greens that are strikingly appealing, browns are also mesmerizing…




And, now to the part which I thoroughly enjoyed and all you food lovers would get jealous about 😉

I had been following a diet plan for a few months before my trip, so when I was in Australia, I pounced onto the food, anything and everything worth a try was on my plate (in the amounts I could manage, I do not have a ravenous diet).. I relished different cuisines, of course, my brother and sister in-law took me to already tested and tried places, so everything I ate was heavenly..

When I say Sydney is the food hub, I mean it has restaurants and cafes that serve all kinds of food, and a lot of them are inviting… From pasta, to nasi lemak (National dish of Malaysia), dumplings, to Thai noodles, to seafood to desi Indian food and kebabs, Sydney offers all of them in platters to appease your taste buds..

Here, I give you the list of yumilicious food that you must try:

If you want to try to Malaysian food, Papa Rich is the place to be. It serves delicious Nasi lemak (rice with chicken), deserts and drinks (non alcoholic). (The picture here is of biryani with red chicken and prawns, but nasi lemak was far better)


This mango drink with litchis/lychees on top is to die for!


Dumplings, many places do dumplings, but the pork and prawn dumplings at Chef’s Gallery are out of the world. Rice and noodles here are worth a try too.



For Kebabs and Lebanese food, a visit to Auburn is a must.. It is full of restaurants that serve delectable kebabs and Biryani. Jasmin and Sophera would be my favourite picks!

I satisfied my craving for Italian at Lusso. The Risotto was toothsome, and I tried a bit of Spaghetti Bolognese (I hope I won’t be declared an anti-nationalist because of this). I could not go to Jamie’s Italian, but it is on my list, next time maybe…



Also, I tasted Oysters for the first time as well. They felt different yet nice in my mouth…


Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is a MUST go place.. You cannot return from Sydney w/o crunching on the waffles and sipping coffee here.. Just cannot. All the adjectives I have used so far are understatements to describe these waffles..



If you love Burgers, go to Grill’d, you will be spoilt for choice. They also claim to make healthy burgers (Now, is that an oxymoron?)


For breakfast, try different types of Eggs, from scrambled to omelette to eggs in gravy.. Your taste buds will not be dissapointed.. The last picture here is from cafe called Zest at Blue Mountains. It was pouring heavily, and the vision was so low that I could not see the blue of the mountains but I am glad we visited this cafe…



While wandering in the foreign land if you crave for Indian food, Haveli and Chatkas are the hot spots..

This post sums up my trip to Australia.. I had a time of my life and it was a perfect mix of solo tripping and vacationing with family (you know what I mean, if you have read/seen all my posts on Australia)…

Some random clicks while strolling in the streets of Sydney-


Parramatta river


Tallest Structure in Sydney, Behind the Tree


Church in Parramatta


Coogee Beach

And once again,

Travel because it is fun

Travel to chase the sun

Travel for an adventure

Travel solo or with him/her

Travel to unleash your spirits

Travel with family or friends

Travel for calm & serenity

Travel and break that rigidity

Travel to a hamlet or big cities

Travel so as to reveal those stories…..

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  1. Amazing write up sweetie.. I hope I would be able to visit these places soon.. :))


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