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Dad, Politics and Me

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A: Rising New Star
B: Ruling party
C: Opposition

Apolitical, that is me. My dad, political and how. Anti-B would be a better phrase to describe him. Actually, he used to be Pro- C. He accepted the downfall of C and gleamed with the rise of A. I take keen interest in movies, sports, reading etc. I cannot be away from politics then, can I? The very cliché statement, “everything becomes political in our country” is actually as true as “India never loses to Pakistan in a Cricket World Cup Match.” This coupled with my dad’s interest in my disinterest makes my life as political as his.

Encounter with his enumeration of all the news against the doings of the leader of B, is a typical start of my morning. He never pays heed to my response “not interested”. I usually snap at him, “Do not purposely screen out the good things” and he says, “There is rarely any,” with a furious expression and tone. I exit the room to exit the heated conversation.

Whatsapp him a joke against B, he will applaud. Send him one in support, and he will bombard you with Anti-B’s. I exit the chat this time. He is an avid reader, and thus very knowledgeable so if you argue with him, he will throw facts, you cannot contradict. However, do media print facts, is the provocative question? He knows his not so favourite leader has done some good things too and he sometimes (actually a few times) acknowledges them with a heavy heart. That is a sign of relief for me. I remember he laughed at the political son’s interview with Mr. Goswami too.

There are the following types of political fans (non-politically affiliated public):

  • They are and have been supporters of B since history and nothing will change that
  • They are not really supporters of B but believed in its leaders ideology and his campaign
  • They are and have been supporters of C, while they no more promote C but will highlight  everything against B
  • There are then a few who are so fed up with both B and C that A gave them a new hope

I fail to understand type 1 & 3. How can they have blind faith in any political party is beyond my understanding. What worries me is that many people in our country support a party or its belief because their forefathers did. Your inclination towards a political party is justifiable but why do you have to defend it in its every course of action. It frustrates me that people my age can bomb the social media with anti nationalist claims. Okay, I believe India is a Tolerant Country but if a celebrity’s public statement can cause such a stir (more so because his name is Khan), I would be first to retract my former statement.

I am not a supporter of JNU’s movement against Afzal Guru’s execution. But can the government really be threatened by a student’s speech so as to blemish his identity as”Anti-Nationalist”. India is the world’s biggest democracy and an outcry of “maybe” irresponsible slogans by a few students caused such anxiety and insecurity for the government. Why are words such as Sedition and Anti-nationalist used so freely. If expressing your discontent for the ruling party makes one anti-nationalist, then by that logic ruling party actually becomes equivalent to the entire Nation..?

A wounded horse, Shaktiman was made part of the political gimmick. Can’t someone who does not have the ability to discern Politics be spared? Was the Jat agitation for reservation so violent or was it purposely (politically) made so destructive? I know that these parties would never end the game of defaming each other, no matter how low they have to stoop for it. All is fair in love and war has now been extended to All is fair in love, war and politics. Thus, it becomes imperative for people to use their own reasoning and stop being prejudiced.

“We fully support that there must be right to dissent and disagreement in the society”,  our Finance Minister recently said. I sincerely hope these don’t end up as mere words. I express my gratitude to our Prime Minister for considering the rollback on tax on EPF. Oh, I almost forgot, my mother is really worried about the soaring prices of dals (pulses). Sir, could something please be done about this….?

PS: It is a sheer coincidence that these parties name actually begin with A, B and C


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  1. Fantastic work panch! This is awesome!

  2. Good work shraddha.

  3. Very nice.. Keeping in mind the political scenario of our country today, I think we just have two parties! Atleast that would put an end to the varied parties and opinions people have!

  4. Shradha….i really enjoyed this one …:)

  5. Well done and well said. Kept me engaged through out the article and left me wanting for more. Definitely strikes a chord.

  6. Very well written, had a lot of heated discussions with my father as well on the JNU topic I guess most of the C supporters turned A’s supporters(including me as well). As you I am just concerned about the blind supporters, be it of any party, even a healthy critique of any of the current government policies meet with the response-But What about C, they did the same too. Ending with Bharat mata ki jai 🙂

    • Shradha

      March 27, 2016 at 9:34 am

      I am glad Sameer you agree with my thoughts. I hope that atleast the youth will use own their own intellect wrt to politics..


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