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Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

You may currently be dating a wrong woman; well all I can say is good luck with that break up. Only then, will I come to your life and sweep you off your feet. Or maybe you are meeting up the nasty ones through those matrimonial sites, well no pressure, but when do you plan to cross paths with me? Not that I am desperate to be married, but well I do sometimes succumb to the pressure of my family, facebook posts (Oh, not just the engagement ones, but everyone is in a hurry to make babies too) and married best friends! They want to dance and be drunk like crazy on my wedding. Yup, they want to save the craziest days of their lives for my, oh pardon me, “our” wedding.

These matrimonial sites do not seem to be working for me, so can I get a hint, like a subtle one, whenever you are around somewhere at a friend’s party I attend, oops yet again “we” attend. Alternatively, if there is some other way you think we could meet, could you pitch some signs towards me. Like I am in no hurry to marry, but I really want to get rid of that question mark from the person next to me in pictures.

Before I continue, a disclaimer-If you are the man, who cannot bear a talkative woman, who talks her heart out, well then that salutation in the beginning is not for you. If you want me to quit non-veg food, or quit on any of my friends, well you can quit on this letter at this moment. Moreover, if you are someone, who earns a lot and therefore thinks you deserve the prettiest and perfect female who cannot err, that is not me, apologies. Lastly, if you are someone who does not understand the difference between a Tinder and a Shaadi.com, well yet again, please no.

Now, Mr. Future Husband, do you know what I think would be the best part about us. With age, settles in maturity, one becomes more independent and thus looks for more practical aspects and compatibility rather than superficial things. Well my expectations from a marriage when I was a 25 year old (I was not ready then) were much different from what they are now. So will be yours, and yet we will chose each other, that would be the best part.. Both of us would have had our share of experiences in life as adults, we would have learnt a lot, yet we will choose each other. Now, what can be better than that?!?

I love to travel, I have travelled in India and abroad, and I will continue to do so. However, I have saved a couple of places for us to visit together. I am dying to visit these places, so you see another reason for us to meet soon. So please, like a pretty please, make sure to ask me where do I want to go for “our” honeymoon. Oh and just so you know, I like sports, so you see, if we go to places on my wish list, you will be allowed to be glued to those matches on TV, or maybe we can go together to the stadium to watch those. What say? 😀

Keeping lighter things aside, since you and I would have waited patiently for each other, we will make sure that it works well for us. There would be arguments of course, life is no fun without them, but we will make sure to pamper each other after that. At least I hope so, because there should be some childishness in every relationship, no matter how level headed we become.

Yours truly,

Future Wife

PS: To the society, who thinks, “what is wrong with this generation, these women don’t want to settle down”.

On behalf of the women in their late 20’s or early 30’s who are not married yet, I would like to say, we choose not to succumb to the pressure of society and marry just anyone but would rather wait for “the one”.  Yes, we are independent, want to succeed in our careers but that does not imply we are against the concept of marriage; we just do not want to settle down with the wrong one. If the right one comes our way, we are more than willing to say, “I do”, but if we have not crossed paths yet, give us more time, the world is too big and human lifespan too long.

(Applies for the opposite sex too)

Rains Then and Rains Now…

That sudden downpour in summer holidays is more than a pleasant memory of mine. I am out playing, it showers without a warning and I raise my arms to embrace the pehli baarish (first rain). Rains bring sweet recollection of childhood days. Jumping in those puddles, being more than enthusiastic to learn how to design a paper boat, floating those boats (my brother’s boat always reached the finishing mark first 🙁 ) and snacking on those bhuttas (corns). If it rained in school hours, it was hard for me to focus on what the teachers said. I used to glance out of the windows and pray that the rain God will continue to bless us even after the last bell. But mostly, rain used to lull by the afternoon. If it rained and my cousins were at my place, we used to beg to our parents to let us go to the terrace and play in rain, baarish mei bheegna (being drenched) was our best time pass. We were sometimes allowed and sometimes not, “No, you will catch cold”. We used to then sit by the window with our hands out to feel the droplets and wait for a plate of pakodas (Indian fried snack).

Now I am a working adult, rains signify traffic jams, snarling traffic jams. Rains mean panic attack w.r.t. to getting late for work. Most of us are busy with our work life, rains come and rains go and we do not even acknowledge the occurrence. Well, who has the time, right? Being drenched is not an option now; I watch those little kids out playing and sometimes think, “Ohh I wish I could join them”. Rains are good only over the weekends, when I can sit by my balcony and savour the pakodas with tea. Let me share a post I wrote on Facebook a couple of years back-

“Surviving Delhi rains!!
So it rained for an hour, all autos decide to go in hibernation, cabs can’t come to your rescue coz of bottlenecks.. You decide to walk n alas, “has Yamuna changed its Course!?!”
You continue to walk where men on bikes gain pleasure by splashing water on passer bys!
Finally a taxi bothers to stop for you,, only to charge 200 bucks for hardly 3 kms..(the taxi driver had the opportunity to earn even more!) Ye Dilli hai mere yaar!!!”

I guess Bhuttas and Pakodas are the only constants between then and now…

Rains then meant shades of delight

Rains now represent glum plight

Rains then, I steer my paper boat’s pace

Rains now, I am stuck in Corporate rat race

Rains then, jumping with joy in puddle

Rains now, how to get rid of life’s muddle

Rains then, a source of contentment

Rains now, maybe I am indifferent to them?

Here is a hope, that one day when I help my kids make their paper boats, I will get to relive those innocent days.. (Ya, I wish they will not just live on iPads and the like)….

(Picture from an article in the dailysignal.com.)

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