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Brugge: Canals And Beyond….

Brugge (Bruges), the little city in Belgium that touched my heart. It offers warmth and comfort in abundance. I spent only a few hours in the city but as a souvenir, got memories for a lifetime. I would some other time talk about the different cities I visited in Europe. Today, let me present to you the place that left an everlasting impact on me…

We (my brother, his wife and I) reached Brugge from Brussels via train. It is about an hour and a fifteen minutes ride from Brussels. The air of Brugge is unalike; we experienced pleasantness with the very first step into the city.  The best way to explore the city is to walk, cycle or take boat rides in the canals. Having already cycled (well I could not cycle is another story, funny for others and sad/embarrassing for me) and cruised canals in Amsterdam, we decided to tour Brugge on foot.

The towering church, Church of Our Lady, became visible on the other side of the road, a little further down the station. We followed the path that leads to the church. My brother and sister-in-law are good with maps. Well, they had to be, they spent more than a month in Europe. Thanks to their tour, I could spend a few days in Europe too. (I do not like to read maps, I would prefer someone else do it for me.) Let me talk more about the church, at a height of about 122 meters, it is the tallest building in Brugge and considered one of the tallest brick tower in the world. It dates back to the 13th century and it took at least 200 years for its construction to complete.



IMG_4190 (1)


From the church, we decided to move on to the Centre of Brugge, which houses another ancient building, Belfry of Bruges (clock tower). The Markt (Market Square) also lies in the heart of the city and serves variety of European food with Italian as a specialty. The pizza we ordered was delicious but the pasta was a little bland for my Indian taste buds. The city centre also gives you an opportunity to talk to the fellow travellers and share your experiences.






Some say, Brugge is the Venice of North Western Europe. As one walks along the city, the alluring canals wind their way to greet you. I could not get my eyes off the beautiful sights in my vicinity. Probably, these canals had the power to hypnotize me and make me fall in love with the city. I did not take many pictures of the canals, I was too overwhelmed with the entire feel and wanted to absorb the peace completely.



Towards the south of the city is another hidden wonder of Brugge, Minnewater Lake. While we were eating our meal at the Central, a friendly old man from England suggested that, we must visit the lake. We followed his advice. It is full of greens to the extent that the water appears of the same colour too. It is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the landscape. The lake also known as the “Lake of Love” is considered one of the romantic getaways in the city.


I can spend hours and hours at the lakeside with coffee and a novel on my side. The sky changed its colour too often from the brightness of blues to the dullness until it rained. We did not have much time in our hand, we had to return to Brussels and then catch an early morning fight to Barcelona. It was time to bid adieu to the magical land. Also, as you stroll through the city, do not miss to observe the quaint houses and shops.



FullSizeRender (15)

Do I want to be a new citizen of Brugge???

Oh yes, oh yes, definitely yes:


Let me summarize it for you:

Canals gliding through the lanes

Mesmerizing the visitors on promenades

Architecture, medieval yet appealing

Part of UNESCO’s World Heritage listing

Minnewater lake, the true love’s portrayal

Couples cross the bridge, making it eternal

A city with perfect blend of art and nature

        Congeniality suffices Brugge’s character….

(Pictures captured by me and my sister-in-law)

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  1. Oh how it takes me back. True story this!


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  2. Makes me wanna go again .. The chocolates and waffles here …wow …


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  3. Listening to your stories of this part of Europe made me add Brugge to my bucket list! I’m definitely going there. 🙂


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